Michelle M. Anderson — Front End Web Developer based in Grants Pass, OR

Fire Mountain Gems

Desktop Website


The Fire Mountain Gems website is mostly built in .Net MVC with some legacy sections still in ASP Classic. My overarching goal on the web site is to update pages to current standards and to support tablets.

The top navigation has been overhauled to be accessible with touch screens, pointer devices, and keyboards. The details I put into the navigation project include:

  • “Hover Intent” detection using javascript. When a user is using a mouse, the dropdown is fine tuned to avoid inadvertent activation by the user.

  • Touch detection for touchscreens. The dropdown tabs are toggled on taps. The tab will stay open if the user pinches to zoom on the menu and close if the user taps outside the menu.

  • Keyboard navigation through the tabs. The enter key opens a tab and the options within can be tabbed through

  • CSS fallback. In the event that javascript is disabled or fails to load, the navigation will work with CSS alone.

ForFire Mountain Gems and Beads RoleSenior Web UX Designer

Tablet friendly top navigation

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